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SS106 piezoresistive OEM pressure transducer

Piezoresistive OEM Pressure transducers absolute and sealed gauge Pressure

The SS106 Series pressure sensors are for medium pressure ranges, and are the smallest, lightest isolated OEM-sensors available. They have a diameter of only 15 mm without compromising quality and performance.

A high-sensitivity piezoresistive silicon chip is used for pressure sensing. The chip is protected against ambient influences by a stainless steel housing sealed with a concentrically corrugated diaphragm. The housing is filed with silicone oil for the transfer of the pressure from the diaphragm to the sensing component.

All metal parts in contact with the pressure media are made of stainless steel AISI 316 L. The fully welded housing is vacuum-tight. The connecting pins allow direct PCB mounting or can be used for connecting cables.

A Rugged Pressure Transducer
The piezoresistive chip immersed in silicone oil is welded into a housing made of stainless steel AISI 316 L.

High Sensitivity
A nominal signal of 100 mV is obtained at a supply current of 1.5 mA for all standard pressure ranges.