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Pressure sensor for hydraulic pump application

I have a pressure sensor as attached below which reads 5VDC and 9mA with and without pressure. The threaded male is 13.8mm diameter. This fits on a hydraulic pump Daikin, It has a number 07B17. The unit is Daikin ECH RICH EHU25 LO7 inverter controller motor pump, running oil at 45 bar for MIYANO cnc machine. The temperature is normal not more than 30 deg celcius
low cost hydraulic pressure sensorwater pump pressure sensor

SS301 Series Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitter for air and water applications

Accuracy (@25°C) (incl. non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability)
±0.5% FS
Non-linearity BFSL (conformity)
≤ ±0.3% FS
Hysteresis and repeatability
≤ ±0.1% FS
Total error band inside the compensated temperature range
Response time
< 4 ms
Overload pressure
2 × FS (SS301 series)
Durability, P: 10-90% FS
Pressure Range
Pressure type
sealed gauge
Temp Coefficient
Power supply
Output signal