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Brief description of automotive pressure sensor and applications

Automotive Pressure Sensor list:

Automotive pressure sensorSS204 series automotive pressure sensor
SS2XX series(including SS204,SS205,SS207 and SS208 series) Piezoresistive pressure sensors are the premium products of the SENDO OEM-line, it is a very classic sensor used in air and water applications, smart size,beautiful appearance, light weigh only about 60g, all these make SS2XX series suitable to the applications with limited space and weight. A high performance piezoresistive pressure transducer is assembled in the housing, giving excellent long-term stability. The flexible pressure sensor programme covers absolute,sealed gauge and gauge (relative) versions, measuring ranges from 0- 15psi to 3000psi and a wide range of pressure and electrical connections. Typically application in automotive: monitor the oil pressure, fuel pressure and brake system, HVAC/R: monitor system performance for proper environmental control, Air Compressors: monitor compressor performance.
automotive AC pressure sensorSS205 series automotive AC pressure sensor
SS205 series automotive AC pressure sensor is the low–cost, lightweight solution for accurate and robust pressure sensing in under–hood applications such as engine load management and compressor protection. With an stainless steel port fitting and automotive grade connector, its corrosion protection is second to none. A patented square sense element and conditioning electronics provide field–proven EMC tolerance and reliability, as well as above average performance in high noise environments.
automotive oil pressure sensorSS204 series automotive oil pressure sensor
SS204 series automotive oil pressure sensor developed to meet the most stringent automotive pressure sensing applications. It uses a piezoresistive silicon chip as the sensing element in a package that combines accuracy with a cost effective design. The design minimizes temperature drift, allowing out-of-box accuarcy over product life. pressure range 0-10bar,100psi or 150psi, 1/8NPT thread size, 3wire connection.
brake pressure sensorSS301 series brake pressure sensor
SS301 Brake pressure sensoris specifically designed for measuring the high pressures in automotive braking systems. It is extremely robust and resistant to brake fluids, mineral oils, water and air. Pressure range 250bar, 25MPa, Power supply voltage 5V, Output voltage 0.5 - 4.5, Pressure port thread 3/8 x 24 UNF.
Car Pressure SensorSS207 series car pressure sensor
SS207 Series Oil Pressure Sensor is the one of the most mature product in Sendo, it is OEM tested, with high accuracy, long term stability, good repeatability, has been wildly used in automotive oil system, automotive AC system, automotive brake system and other car security.

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