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Brief description of ceramic pressure sensor and applications

TYPE 1: mV output
low cost ceramic pressure sensor
PS100 series ceramic pressure sensor
PS100 series ceramic pressure sensor is a dry-type ceramic piezoresistive sensor chip by special technology. The thermal stability can make its operating temperature up to -40~125ºC, with the characteristic of small dimension, 18 mm diameter, 6.35 mm thickness, 2~400bar range, it has been widely used in various pressure-measuring occasion. Typical applications:process control, environment control,hydraulic pressure and pneumatic equipment, servo valve and drive,chemical products, chemical industry, medical instrument, and other fields

TYPE 2: 0.5-4.5V output
0.5-4.5V ceramic pressure transmitter
PS100E01 series ceramic pressure sensor
PS100E01 series low cost ceramic pressure sensors are piezoresistive ceramic sensors with a ratiometric output signal 0.5-4.5V. The signal conditioning is done by a small PCB, which is mounted directly to the sensor. This product has been developed for low cost applications(e.g. automotive applications). Thanks to the good chemical resistance of the ceramic the PS100E01 sensors can measure pressure in nearly all aggressive media.

TYPE 3: 0-10V output TYPE 4: 4-20mA output
0-10V ceramic pressure transmitter4-20mA ceramic pressure transmitter
PS100E02/03 series designed offer 0.5% accuracy with low cost, available with various output signal. the body and diaphragm of ceramic thick-film pressure sensor is made of a high-tech ceramic, it is fully temperature compensated and guarantees a residual temperature effect inside the operating temperature range within 0.02%FS/°C. This feature results in a very stable sensor under very harsh conditions. The internal sensing elements are fully protected against humidity, moisture and corrosion of most chemical products
TYPE 5: 4-20mA output
low cost ceramic pressure transmitter
SS307 Series Ceramic Pressure transmitter offer 4-20mA output signal, Zero thermal Drift: 3% of the end of scale from 0~70°C, range from: 0~200KPa...40MPa.