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Brief description of isolated pressure sensor and applications

Isolated Pressure Sensor

Type 1: mV output

isolated pressure sensor absolute
SS103 series Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor
The SS103 series piezoresistive pressure sensor is the most economic version for pressure ranges from 1bar to 25bar. They have a height of only 5.6 mm without compromising quality and performance, The standard version is supplied with connecting pins. Same as SS100 and SS102 series, it has 19mm diameter and follow the working principle of piezo-resistance effect. Typical Applications: aviation electronics, meteorology, servo controls, robotics, sanitary......
***Standard size Ø19*5.6mm
***High accuracy and reliability
***Stainless steel 316 housing
***Stainless steel 316 diaphragm
***Non-temperature compensated
***Constant current or voltage supply
***Absolute, gauge, sealed gauge pressure
***Isolated construction, able to test various media

SS305 Series Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitter
Type 2: 4-20mA output
isolated pressure sensor 4-20mA
SS305 series high overload pressure sensor is a portfolio of highly configurable pressure sensors that use piezoresistive sensing technology with a special signal conditioning circuit in a stainless steel housing, meets the high burst protection demands and is suitable for the use in all types of severe industrial applications. SS305 series is fully calibrated and compensated for offset, sensitivity, temperature effects and non-linearity, provides a Total Error Band of ±0.5% over the operating temperature range of -10 ºC to 80 ºC [14 °F to 176 °F]. SS305 series is a precise pressure measurement solution that optimizes system performance at a competitive cost, numerous standard or custom connectors, ports, pressure ranges and types, and output options.

Further reading
oem pressure transducer cheapSS102 series OEM pressure sensor
The SS102 Series isolate pressure transducers cover the pressure ranges from 100 mbar to 25bar. It use a high-stability silicon chip which is protected by 316L stainless steel diaphragm and silicone oil. The applied pressure acts on stainless steel diaphragm, then pass to the silicon chip through silicone oil. Typically application in level measurement, industrial process control, gas and liquid pressure measurement. Standard size Ø19*10mm, Stainless steel 316 diaphragm and housing.
oem industrial pressure sensorSS302 series industrial pressure sensor
SS302 Series Industrial Pressure Transmitter is piezo-resistive pressure transmitter with zero and span adjustable. It uses high stable and reliable pressure transducer and special circuit board to produce transmitter, and performance is good and reliable
flush pressure transducer mv outputSS115 series flush pressure transducer
Flush diaphragm pressure transducer designed by piezoresistive sensor technology, the silicon chip is protected by 316L stainless steel and silicone oil filled in the isolated housing, meet “clean in place” (CIP) and “sterilize in place” (SIP) maintenance procedures demand, typically for use in food, process and industrial applications where the media is either viscous, or is otherwise liable to block the port of a conventional pressure transducer with a recessed diaphragm or pressure port. SS115 series available with low pressure pressure measurement, the pressure available from -1bar to 400bar. Working temperature from -20 to 80°C. SS114 series are integrated with cooling fins, working temperature can up to 125°C, and pressure start from 2.5bar.
piezoresistive pressure transducer absoluteSS108 series piezoresistive pressure cell
SS108 Series Piezoresistive Pressure Cell is with isolated construction and precise compensation. It uses high stable silicon die, housing with outer diameter Ф15mm 316L stainless steel housing.It covers all the ranges from 400KPa to 100MPa.
miniature flush mounted pressure transducerSS402 series flush pressure sensor
SS402 series flush pressure sensors utilize piezoresistive technology with a high performance silicon chip inside, the applied pressure acts on stainless steel 316L diaphragm, then pass to the silicon chip through silicon oil, available pressure ranges spanning from 5 psig up to 5800 psig. Typically applications: designed for use in food, process and industrial applications where the media is either viscous, or is otherwise liable to block the port of a conventional pressure transducer with a recessed diaphragm or pressure port.
ceramic pressure sensor mv outputPS100 series ceramic pressure sensor
PS100 Series Ceramic sensor chip is a dry-type ceramic piezoresistive sensor chip by special technology. Ceramic is a recognized material of high elasticity, corrosion & abrasion resistance, strong shock and vibrant resistance. The thermal stability can make its operating temperature up to -20~80, It achieves high accuracy, high stability. Electrical insulation 2kV, strong output signal, excellent long term & stability.
miniature oem pressure sensorSS301 Series OEM pressure sensor for air and water applications
SS301 series OEM pressure sensor take advantage of piezoresistive technology and are fully steel media isolating with stainless steel and no internal elastomer seals. This design often makes them resistant to harsh, aggressive media and challenging environments. The sensor is mounted in a stainless steel package with a small volume of oil between the diaphragm and sensor. The pressure housing uses the oil to transmit the pressure from the diaphragm to the sensor. SS301 series offer the pressure range of minimum 10kpa and maximum 20mpa for OEM applications. High measurement accuracy is provided through extensive sensor characterization.
oil pressure sensor 3 wireSS207 series oil pressure sensor
SS207 Series Oil Pressure Sensor is the one of the most mature product in Sendo, it is OEM tested, with high accuracy, long term stability, good repeatability, has been wildly used in automotive oil system, automotive AC system, automotive brake system and other car security system. available with range 15psi, 30psi, 50psi, 75psi, 100psi, 150psi
vented gauge ceramic pressure sensorSS307 series low cost pressure sensor
SS307 Series Low Cost Pressure Sensor give out a current signal 4~20mA or voltage signal 1~10V directly proportional to the pressure value present on the system to which they are connected.