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4-20mA ceramic pressure sensor for dusty air We are looking for a Pressure Transmitter with current output (4...20mA). We want to measure dusty air with maximum 400mbar. So we would need a Transmitter with diaphragm. The best product for us would be the SS311 series. Do you have this sensor with pressure range 0...1 bar? Read More >>



350Kpa and 1Mpa water pressure sensor for steam locomotive Hello,sendo sensor could you kindly tell me the price and where I can buy the following pressure sensors? n. SS204 A 03 A 02 A 01 (Pressure range 350 KPa) n. SS204 A 06 A 02 A 01 (Pressure range 1 MPa) I will use the sensors on a working model of a steam locomotive, the medium is water, the working temperature will be 70°C or less, the environment temperature 35 °C maximum Read More >>



Low cost 30psi fluid pressure sensor We are looking for a quote for a low cost 30psi fluid pressure sensor that operates on 5V with a connector and a lead length of about 18”. Stainless is preferable. Perhaps one from the SS207 family is the correct one for our application. Could you please provide a quote for 20 each, and annual quantity quotes of 100, 200, 500, and 1000? Read More >>



Ceramic pressure sensor in hydraulic controller we need to introduce PS100 ceramic pressure sensor in our main controller: there is no room for conventional pressure sensors, thus we will use a pressure capsule. the fluid is alway OIL, generally an ISO VG46 Hydraulic Oil, Temperatures: Oil temperature is from -10 + 90°C : Read More >>



Aircraft engines oil pressure sensor 10bar We need sensors 1/8npt 4-20mA out for 10 bar and 1 bar. Compatible with fuel and oil. Do yo have them in production? Sensor would be used for retrofitting on old aircraft engines.Temprature outside sensor - up to 80 degrees, fluids up to 130degrees Read More >>