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Flush diaphragm pressure transducer 25bar for oil application Hi Sendo Sensor, Please can you confirm the application for the following: Pressure transducer, 316L Stainless steel, Flush diaphragm, G1/2, 0-25 Bar, 4 meters cable, 4-20 mA The medium is oil, temperature is ambient. Read More >>



Stainless steel pressure transducers and ammonia why the O-ring sealed pressure sensor can't work with ammonia? O-ring sealed pressure sensors cannot withstand rapid thermal changes and over time the internal O-ring will fail. Read More >>



High temperature pressure transmitter for hot water system and nitrogen system Dear Sendo Sensor, can you do me quote for the following pressure transmitters Item 1: Pressure Transmitter, working temperature 180°C, pressure range 0 ... 6 bar, pressure connection G 1/2 Read More >>



4-20mA ceramic pressure sensor for dusty air We are looking for a Pressure Transmitter with current output (4...20mA). We want to measure dusty air with maximum 400mbar. So we would need a Transmitter with diaphragm. The best product for us would be the SS311 series. Do you have this sensor with pressure range 0...1 bar? Read More >>



350Kpa and 1Mpa water pressure sensor for steam locomotive Hello,sendo sensor could you kindly tell me the price and where I can buy the following pressure sensors? n. SS204 A 03 A 02 A 01 (Pressure range 350 KPa) n. SS204 A 06 A 02 A 01 (Pressure range 1 MPa) I will use the sensors on a working model of a steam locomotive, the medium is water, the working temperature will be 70°C or less, the environment temperature 35 °C maximum Read More >>