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Isolated pressure transducer 4bar absolute for steam pressure application Application: Disposable indicator for monitoring sterilization procedures, should be a low cost pressure sensor which will be able to function in 140degC steam up to 3,8 bar absolute. It has to be all over encapsulated and protected against Read More >>



Piezoresistive pressure transducer -20 to 20kpa for hydraulic system pressure Application: The sensors will be used to monitor a closed hydraulic system pressure whose fluid may be either oil-based or water-based, but always chemically compatible with standard 316 SS. Temperature: The usual system working temperature Read More >>



Industrial pressure transmitter 4-20mA for hydraulic system Application system: It is for a hydraulic system in a vehicle (snowplow, mower). Measuring medium: The measuring medium is oil. The working temperature and the environment temperature:The working temperature is up to 95 degrees centigrade Read More >>



The characteristics of the pressure transmitter for industrial applications In the industrial field, the ever-changing working conditions, the different measurement media, different environment, the requirements of pressure transmitter are different. Generally, the pressure transmitter has the following characteris Read More >>



How much automotive oil pressure is normal Generally, the idling oil pressure of a cold car engine is 0.3 to 0.5Mpa, and the idling oil pressure of a hot car should less than 0.15MPa (for gasoline engine) and for diesel engine, the oil pressure runs between 600-1000kpa. Fuel pressure depends on the specific model, typical fuel pressure runs between 40-60 psi. Read More >>