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What is pressure transducer A pressure transducer is fundamentally any device that converts an applied pressure into an electrical signal. There have been many different types of pressure transducer developed over the years such as bonded foil, thick film, thin film & piezoresistive silicon to name just a few. Read More >>



What is Pressure Transmitter A pressure transmitter or pressure sensor is a device that measures pressure in a liquid, fluid, or gas. Pressure transmitters are commonly used to measure pressure inside of industrial machinery in order to alert the user before a catastrophe occurs. They have many different uses, most of which are industrial or automotive in nature. Read More >>



How pressure transmitters work Pressure transmitters are commonly used for industrial processes and they are used to gauge the pressure and control the operation of industrial equipment. Pressure transmitters can sense physical variables such as pressure and flow-rate. This can be brought into existence due to the differential measurements. Read More >>



How piezoresistive pressure sensors work A piezoresistive pre​ssure sensor contains several thin wafers of silicon embedded between protective surfaces. The surface is usually connected to a Wheatstone bridge, a device for detecting small differences in resistance. The Wheatstone bridge runs a small amount of current through the sensor. Read More >>



Pressure sensor definition A pressure sensor is part of the pressure gauges, which transform as the first link in a chain measuring the physical quantity pressure (force per unit area) into an electrical output as a measure of the pressure. The SI unit for pressure is Pascal with the unit symbol Pa. According to DIN 1301 is also the bar Read More >>