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Temperature characteristics and Linearity for pressure sensors Temperature characteristics This represents the fluctuation of the detecting point within the ambient temperature range. Linearity Analog output voltage from a pressure sensor increases in proportion to pressure. Ideally, the relationship between analog output voltage and pressure would be represented by a straight line. However, actual measurement deviates from this ideal line. Linearity refers to the maximum amount the actual measurement can be expected to deviate from the ideal analog output voltage measurement and is indicated as a percentage of full scale (F.S.) Read More >>



Withstanding pressure, Repeatability, and Response time Withstanding pressure The withstanding pressure or “Proof Pressure” is the maximum pressure that can be applied to the pressure sensor. Applying pressure exceeding this value will cause the pressure sensitive element to lose its repeatability or to be damaged. Repeatability This represents the detecting point tolerance range when pressure is repeatedly applied under set conditions. Read More >>



Flush diaphragm pressure transmitter for high temperature application Hello Sendo Sensor, I have an application for a high temperature pressure transducer, and was wondering if you could provide a quote for the following part number: Pressure Range: 0-100bar Pressure Type: Gauge Electrical Connection: Direct Cable Pressure Connection: G1/2 Voltage Supply: 12~36VDC Output Signal: 0~10V Working Temperature: 200C Read More >>



pressure sensor 10kpa for air/gas application SS302 series piezoresistive pressure transmitters 10kpa designed with a enhanced anti-interference and anti-surge digital PCB, work following the piezoresistive principle, standard medium working temperature from -20~100°C. A modular concept uses the selection of off-the-shelf capsules, allowing a customized production. Numerous options and variants are available Read More >>



Submersible pressure transducer 1bar for open tank Dear Sendo Sensor, i am looking for submersible pressure transducer, which will be installed in an open tank, the measuring medium is clean water, water temperature 30-40ºC, environmental temperature 20-45C. i need 0 to 1 Bar range complete with 10m of cable. 4-20mA output. Read More >>