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Low cost pressure sensor 50psi for water application Application: I will use the sensors on a working model of a steam locomotive. Test Medium: The medium is water Temperature: the working temperature will be 70 Corless,the environment temperature 35C maximum. Parameters Supply Voltage 5 VDC Output S ignal 0.5~4.5V Read More >>



Oil pressure sender 10bar for automotive engine Application: We use the sensor on an automotive engine. Medium: The working medium are engine lub oil and petrol. Working temperature: The working temperature around 60 to 150 will be good. oil pressure sensor 10bar/150psi for automotive engine Read More >>



Happy New Year And Holiday Notice Our factory will closed from 14th Feb to 28th Feb, we will check our email everyday. Read More >>



Ceramic pressure sensor 0-10V for water application Application: 1. The medium will normally be water (possible is also steam or milk, coffee) 2. Max. temperature approximately 135 C 3. Max. pressure 16 bar Parameter s PS100E02 Power Supply 12-30VDC Output Signal 0~10V Pressure Range 0~20Bar Read More >>



The performance of oil pressure sensor 10bar SS204 series piezoresisitive pressure sensors for oil pressure measuring are the premium products of the SENDO OEM-line, it is a very classic sensor used in air and water applications, smart size,beautiful appearance, light weigh only about 60g. Read More >>