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Isolated pressure sensor transducer 400kpa, mV output signal Power Supply 1.5mA DC typical Zero Output 2 mV Span Output 100 20 mV (typical) Pressure Range 400KPa(absolute) Accuracy(0~600KPa...6MPa) 0.5%F.S Overload 2.0 *F.S . Operating Temperature -2 0 ~ 1 00 C Storage Temperature -40~125 C Read More >>



Definition of Protection Grade A brief description of the definition 0 No protection 1 Anti-vertical fall of water droplets, water droplets falling vertically without causing harmful effects 2 Anti-vertical drops fall when the housing tilted up to 15deg, When the the housing tilt up at any angle not exceeding 15deg on either side of the vertical, the vertical fall of water droplets will not cause harmful effects Read More >>



Automotive pressure sensor 150psi for automotive gauges Hi, We are manufactures of automotive Gauges and are looking for some Oil pressure senders to sell with them. SS204 series in 145psi or 150psi with both Brass and Stainless steel housings. We are looking for the most cost effective parts Read More >>



What is the difference between the transmitter and the sensor Sensor is a general term for a device or apparatus can be measured by the provisions and converted into usable output signal in accordance with certain rules, usually contains sensitive components and conversion elements. Read More >>



Low cost pressure sensor 50psi for water application Application: I will use the sensors on a working model of a steam locomotive. Test Medium: The medium is water Temperature: the working temperature will be 70 Corless,the environment temperature 35C maximum. Parameters Supply Voltage 5 VDC Output S ignal 0.5~4.5V Read More >>