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Ceramic pressure sensors for agriculture applications We are to interface tensiometers with our sensors electronically. We therefore require a low cost pressure transducer with the following specifications: Pressure range: 0 - 200 KPa Proof Pressure: 1.5* F.S Burst Pressure: 2.0*F.S Read More >>



Ceramic Pressure Sensor 4-20mA Dear sendo sensor, We need PS100E02 Ceramic Pressure Sensor 0-10V and PS100E03 Ceramic Pressure Sensor 4-20mA, different range, totally yearly about 30.000 pcs. We buy now from XXXXXXXX. We are manufacturer of Pressure Transmitter. Read More >>



Ceramic pressure transducer voltage output for lube oil Hello sendo sensor, I need to source a ceramic pressure transducer that is a close or identical fit to a Metallux me-707-A-002-01-01 or me-780-A-002-0-0-0-0-0. That is; a 96% AL03 ceramic flat membrane absolute pressure sensor with 18mm dia disc, <=1%FS accuracy Read More >>



Piezoresistive pressure sensor unit KPA, MPA, BAR, PSI, pressure conversion chart piezoresistive pressure sensor, unit type:KPA, MPA, BAR, PSI,pressure conversion chart Pressure Conversion Chart KPA MPA BAR kgf/cm2 PSI 10 0.01 0.1 0.10 1.45 20 0.02 0.2 0.20 2.90 30 0.03 0.3 0.31 4.35 40 0.04 0.4 0.41 5.80 50 0.05 0.5 0.51 Read More >>



Stainless steel pressure sensors for ammonia Hello sendo, my client is now ready to proceed with a new project. Here is what I need. The pressure sensor is used in agriculture machine, the measuring medium is ammonia, the working temperature will be 0-40degC. -ow cost pressure sensor (maybe like your SS208) Read More >>