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Why pressure sensors are designed with stainless steel There are many types of materials used for constructing pressure sensors in a variety of applications, but those made from stainless steel are considered the most reliable and durable. Read More >>



Level sensor in 4 - 20 mA loop for city water supply Hello sir, I am using SS634 level sensors from your company . Could you give me some example of connection sensor in 4-20mA loop ? I am not sure if I have to connect + of voltage supply to red or blue wire of sensor , i. e. if current goes from sensor from red or blue wire ? Read More >>



The difference between absolute and gauge pressure To select the right pressure sensor for a specific application besides the pressure range first of all the type of pressure measurement has to be considered. Pressure sensors measure a certain pressure in comparison to a reference pressure and can be divided into absolute, gauge and differential devices. Read More >>



What is a flush diaphragm pressure sensor There are a number of industries in which machinery must meet stringent specifications in order to be approved for application in that area. And one of the most common of these is the food or chemical industry in which no “dead” pockets can be accepted. All sensors must be installed flush with the inside wall Read More >>



Flush type pressure sensor for food industry Hi sendo sensor, we need pressure sensors regularly, for food industry. The sensor must have a totally flush (flat) surface, I mean plain surface, without the ridge on the side, and the range we look for is near about 3 to 5 m water column. Read More >>