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How to use an oil pressure sensor An oil pressure sensor is a device that measures the pressure at which the oil pump is pumping engine oil. Most oil pumps operate in the 20 to 40 pounds per square inch range. If the oil pressure drops below this level, permanent engine damage can occur. Read More >>



The 4-20mA current loop The 4-2OmA current loop has been with us for so long that it's become rather taken for granted in the industrial and process sectors alike. Its popularity comes from its ease of use and its performance. A big benefit of the current loop is its simple wiring just the two wires. Read More >>



How pressure sensors work THE PRESSURE SENSOR With the steam age came the demand for pressure measuring instruments. Bourdon tubes or bellows, where mechanical displacements were transferred to an indicating pointer were the first pressure instruments Read More >>



Stainless steel level sensors for water wells Hello Sendo Sensor, I'm interested in a couple of sensors from you. I like the size of the SS122 sensors and I need a date sheet to purchase them. Also do you have a warranty on your sensors? The submersible level sensor i am looking for right now to be used in water wells. Read More >>



Why pressure sensors are designed with stainless steel There are many types of materials used for constructing pressure sensors in a variety of applications, but those made from stainless steel are considered the most reliable and durable. Read More >>