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Submersible pressure transducer stainless steel construction Hello sendo sensor, I’m looking for a non-clog submersible pressure transducer with the follow specifications. I thought your SS122 Series submersible pressure transducer looked like a good bases for the transducer. Pressure Transducer Specifications · Submersible · Non-Clogging (Waste Water Application) Read More >>



4-20mA industrial pressure transmitter for hydraulic system Hi sendo senosr, we are a research company, we are looking for industrial pressure transmitters that offer 4-20mA output signal with 25Mpa gauge pressure, the pressure connection 1/4npt is acceptable to us. The sensors will be used in oil pressure Read More >>



Differential pressure transducer 20Kpa for level measurement Hello, we are interested in differential pressure transducer and the range should be 1 to 2 PSI, we don’t need the sensors giving the direct out put of 4-20mA. We have our own circuit to convert the signal to extracted square root and give the 4-20 mA. Read More >>



Piezoresistive pressure sensor measurement glossary 4-20mA Current Loop Output - is a type of electrical signal that is used in a series circuit to provide a robust measurement signal. Best Straight Line Accuracy - defines the limit that any pressure measurement reading will deviate from the Best Straight Line. Read More >>



Types of pressure measurements, gauge, absolute, differential Piezoresistive pressure sensors can be classified in terms of pressure ranges they measure, temperature ranges of operation, and most importantly the type of pressure they measure. In terms of pressure type, pressure sensors can be divided into five categories: Read More >>